Colored Light


"Watching Jerry Harvey perform is like getting a hug from your hairdresser. He just makes you feel good." Kristen Key-Comedian

"Good original comedy...."--Elayne Boosler-Comedian

"Precious with a twist of darkness"--Jay Pinkerton- Knoxville

"He has honed his own brand of comedy"--Peter Depp of Sundance Channels "Girls who like boys who like boys"

The Whos Who of Jerry `s Shared Stage time

Aida Rodriguez

Janet WIlliams Micheal Mack

Big Ed Caylor Adam Hunter

Tim Pulnik Anthony Padilla

Steve Mingolla Carmen Vallone

Mike Speenburg Myke Herlihy

Jarrod Harris Landry

Karen Mills Jason Schoomer

Kristen Key Dean Napolitano

Jodi White Julie Scoggins

Jamie Morgan Katleen Dunbar

Cousin Ricky Peardon Killer Beaz

Jen Kober

Christy Eidson

Felicia Michaels

Paul Hooper

Jessica Carter And Many More!

John Wesley Austin

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